• Layer Your Message

    The structure of this post is not an accident, it is a model for getting your message across to a large audience whose level of engagement in the content will vary.

    People have to be able to engage at their level of interest and get value — and progressively learn whether or not they want to invest more — so it can’t be all or nothing.

  • Consider the Second Order Audience

    You aren’t just communicating to those who attend your meeting or read your posts and emails. You are also communicating to the set of people that everyone in your audience talks to subsequently.

  • Communicate Defensively

    before you communicate take the time to consider all parts of your audience and how you might be misinterpreted and then refine your message to reduce the likelihood of miscommunication.

  • Repetition is Key

    Advertisers have known for a long time that ensuring someone hears a critical message several times is key to them retaining it.

  • Debug Miscommunication

    Miscommunication is your mistake. When it happens take full responsiblity

    Take full responsibility for any discrepancy from what you intended and make corrections with your entire audience.